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Portland Apartment Finder Rental Agency Portland Oregon

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Cute and quaint? Shiny and modern? Vintage? City? Suburbs? Loft? Townhome?
Whatever your preference, one of our many apartment finding services can help locate the apartment, loft or condo that meets your needs! Whether you are biking, walking, utilizing public transit or using your own vehicle, there is a property and a neighborhood out there that is a perfect match for your lifestyle. However, we have included a few general tips below regarding the city and it's rental properties that we think will be useful to anybody relocating to Portland .​​ 

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Trying to decide whether or not to bring your car? Leave it! Portland prides itself on car free living and strongly advocates utilizing public transit, biking or walking whenever possible. Due to our extremely bike friendly city design and highly praised public transit system, you can walk, ride your bike or take multiple forms of public transportation to work, entertainment and daily errands in most of the inner city urban neighborhoods. With local options to get around likeZip Car, LYFTThe Max, Portland Street Car, Biketownand great walkability/bikeability,you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and easily without owning a vehicle. .


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  • Portland's inner city is divided into 5 major sections. The quadrants containing NE, SE, NW and SW and North Portland. See map below with a detailed breakdown of neighborhoods.  
  • Burnside Street divides the city North and South, The Willamette River divides the city East and West.  
  • Although Portland is a pet friendly city in general, many properties do not allow pets. Make sure you tell us about your furry friend up front so we insure you are matched with a pet friendly property. 
  • ​​Bringing a car ? With the massive growth in Portland over the last several years, parking has become quite the issue throughout the inner city. Many apartment communities offer some type of parking garage or lot that residents can lease for a premium, but some offer no parking at all. There is currently a parking shortage so it is imperative that you not only confirm your prospective buildings parking options, but that they have spaces available.