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If I don't want a tour, can you still help me? Yes! Our comprehensive rental consultations include appointment setting and providing information on listings that are actually available. We can almost always recommend properties to view that match your requested criteria. We'll just email you the information on where to go and what time to be there.

We just ask that you always let the properties know you are working with Portland Apartment Finder Rental Agency.  


What if I have bad credit or owe a property money? Unfortunately, in a market so fast paced and in such high demand, most property management companies are not inclined to work with damaged credit or rental history. All properties we work with require good credit and rental history.

What are the best neighborhoods in Portland?

Of course this question is subjective and depends totally on your lifestyle and housing needs. However, generally speaking the city of Portland is divided into 5 major areas. The quadrants which include Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast and North Portland. These are then broken down into specific neighborhoods. Helping you figure out which neighborhood or community will be the best fit for you is part of our rental consultation process.

Does it rain alot in Portland?

Despite its reputation for rain, Portland doesn't even make the top ten U.S. cities with the highest annual rainfall. However, Portland ranks third on the list of cities with the rainiest days in the country with 164 rainy days a year. So it's not that Portland gets a lot of rain, it just rains often. But keep in mind, all that rain is what keeps the city's natural landscape lush and green year round! Just purchase a pair of rain boots and a good rain jacket and you'll do just fine. 

Do I still have to pay a touring fee even if I do not select a property on the day of the tour? Please keep in mind much time and effort is put into preparing a tour itinerary. We base our selections on your specified criteria and guarantee we will provide you with 3-5 viable options within your budget while on tour. Your budget is reviewed via your initial rental consultation and expectations are set prior to your tour date to ensure everyone is on the same page. Therefore, even if you do not choose a property, you are compensating your agent for their time, gas, and expertise. Keep in mind your tour also includes a follow up consultation and access to your agent's assistance until you make a final decision. 

How does your service work? Thousands of people are moving to Portland every year so we started this business to help them find apartments, condos and lofts for rent! Our fee based renting services include rental locating assistance, apartment listings, rental consultations and in depth  knowledge of the Portland rental market to help people locate rental housing in the city and surrounding suburbs. Please refer to our Services page for more detailed info on tours, services and payments.

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Does Portland have good coffee? Portland has one of the most extensive and unique coffee cultures in the nation. With over 40 micro-roasters and hundreds of independent retail coffee businesses, Portland has established itself as the pioneer in quality coffee. Whether you prefer a local specialty coffee shop or your dependable chain, you can find your fix at a stone's throw! You can spend months visiting all the different shops (which we have done) and seemingly never run out of options. If you are looking for great coffee while in town, just ask!

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​​​​What is the average rent in Portland? In the areas we service, the average starting price is around $1,000 for a studio. This may vary slightly based on season and availability, however it is a good rule of thumb.  

Depending on your  neighborhood you should budget for the following:

$900-$1100 micro studio (200-400 sq ft)

$1100-$1400 studio

$1200-$1700 one bedroom

$1600-$2400 two bedroom (the lower end would typically be 1 bath)

3 bedrooms are difficult to find in the city but you can expect to pay $2500+.

Again, this is an average range. There are always a few exceptions to the rules and we will always try our best to find you the best value possible.                         

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What do I need to bring with me on tour?  
You will need your check book and/or debit/credit card and a valid government issued i.d. for everyone in your party that will be touring the apartments. Some management companies will allow you to apply online and will accept cards for application and holding fees, however; some do not. You may also want to have convenient access to or copies of documentation regarding offer of employment, your most recent tax return or your 3 most recent bank statements for income verification. These items will insure the application process is expedited. For your convenience, our agents also accept cash, checks or credit cards upon tour completion. We also recommend bringing a light snack and bottled water and wearing comfortable walking shoes. Our tours are conducted in personal vehicles, so please no pets and no smoking while on tour.

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